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MicroTech (Toledo, OH) knowingly sells junk. I traded a gaming PC to MicroTech in trade for a Toshiba laptop that was on their shelf for $450.

As soon as I brought it home, I found out the picture would go in and out on the screen. I brought the laptop in and they ordered a replacement video cable. I picked up the laptop again and after 24 hours it started to show the same symptoms. I brought it back up to MicroTech on May 10, 2012 to be repaired.

The owner was very rude and put words in my mouth by stating, "We can't fix this in 5 minutes," and also stated, "We already put a new cable in it... What do you expect us to do?" Obviously, I expected them to fix the problem. I also mentioned that the ALT key had never worked. They called me at 6:00pm and informed me that the video cable situation was fixed but a replacement keyboard would have to be paid out of my own pocket because [according to them] "I had traded my gaming PC with their employee" and so the laptop that was ON THEIR SHELF was not covered by their warranty.

This is outrageous, as I did not trade their employee anything. I traded MicroTech my gaming PC for the laptop. Their employee taking interest in my gaming PC is between MicroTech and the employee and has nothing to do with me.

To make matters worse, I was told the ALT key was fixed and I tested it there, but after getting the laptop home and attempting to type something I realized the 2, W, S and X keys now didn't work! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MICROTECH

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It gets worse. Manager Rob Johnson is a criminal who used to purchase stOlen goods and has been watched by federal law enforces for illegal business activity in the past.

He also has another criminal background story involving firearms. He is a pathological liar and a thief. Furthermore he 'owned' microtech on jackman now he's manager of same named business on Alexis?

Who owns this business is a mystery yet corrupt practices are a certainty given rob is involved. I can assure rob he is being closely watched

MicroTech Electronics - MicroTech Solutions; Steals Government and Business Owner Money

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MicroTech Solutions in Springfield MO. Calls your local Schools, Police Departments, Military Institutions, Day Cares, Medical Facilities, and any kind of Business that may fall in between that.

If you are a Manager/Owner of a company beware of people calling from MicroTech, Compu Star, or any company that wants to know the model number of you printer, copier, or fax machine...once you give them that the scam is on...the will send you 12 ink cartridges (recycled ones at that) for a grand total of over $2000.00 hum?? does that sound right?

that your educational, military, government offices, and small business owners are allowed to be scammed by toner sales men.. and spend your money to support the high life styles of Micro Tech Owners and his brand new Hummers.

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